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29. Okt 2018, 22:14 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.0.8 incl DLC:
A pack of new character customization options has been added: headgear, clothes and accessories
Two brand new multiplayer maps: Unit ‘Theta’ and Safehouse
The Loadout Screen now has buttons to strip non-participating Operatives of their gear, deselect the tactical team and clear the Support section, all for a more streamlined experience
Added new warning pop-ups after selecting “Restart”, “Exit to main menu” or “Exit to desktop” from the pause menu
Exiting from an active multiplayer game requires confirmation
Selected multiplayer maps are now visualized in the lobby
Unlocking of Body Engineering compounds has been tweaked and improved to facilitate access to early game unlocks later on
Items obtainable early in the campaign are now more readily available in late game
The “Actor” perk can now be switched in the main menu to work the way it used to post-launch (disregarding the enemy Agents field of view)
The pop-up window in strategic gameplay about new secrets can now accommodate up to 4 lines of text
The list of aliases used in Secret Files has been significantly expanded
Technologies unlocked by campaign progress now have a ‘New’ marker visible
Formatting of descriptions for Technologies in the Workshop has been improved
The delay before arrival of reinforcements has been corrected at the beginning of the KGB campaign
Buttons on world map pop-ups have been adjusted to match the text size for their corresponding choices
Navigational buttons in the multiplayer session setup screen have been improved
The ambient sound in hideout facilities has been adjusted
Health bar in action camera view has been repositioned
Placement of targets behind high cover during incoming fire has been improved
Line of fire in full auto mode to targets behind cover on higher floors has been tweaked
Improved wind sway animations for potted plants
Improved movement and idle animations for female Operatives
Idle animations improved for civilians standing by tables
Use animation for Heartbeat Sensor
Miscellaneous animation and model improvements for the character customization process
Multiple minor localization tweaks and fixes
Eliminated a potential blocker in chapter 6. of the campaign
Solving two secret files at once no longer causes any issues
Reassigning agents between jobs using key bindings will no longer causes rare issues with progression
Miscelanneous fixes and stability improvement
Vancouver’s icon will no longer be obscured by UI text
Infirmary can now correctly be fully upgraded
Buttons now display correct states on side story pop-ups in the world map
Deployment zones can no longer be switched using the pause keyboard shortcut
A character’s make-up will now be correctly visible on all screens
The game can no longer be saved in the deployment phase
Controller inputs will no longer be registered on game loading screens
Improved descriptions for “Respiratory” and “Sensory” Operative stats
Improved and clarified descriptions for tooltips on the Loading Screen
The number of secrets to be found will now correctly decrease when an enemy
Miscellaneous improvements to tooltips, labels and descriptions
Clothes will now fit agents of all body types correctly
Agent portraits repositioned in the location window to correct a minor issue in English and French versions
Miscellaneous improvements and fixes for graphics and displays

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